Career History

Putting all your past and current career/employment data in one place

Business challenge

Line managers and HR Practitioners need instant access to complete, accurate and meaningful past and current employment data to fulfill many HR admin processes and to support decisions regarding an employee’s career progression and recognition within the organization.

Transitioning to a new HR system, often results in loss of access to historical data as it is deemed unnecessary and sometimes even impossible to migrate all system configuration and data structures to a new HRIT solution.

Career History SuccessFactors

Why do we need historical career data?

  • Career history, especially previous job (position) and salary information is needed for career development, compensation planning, reward, recognition and incentive decisions, employee documentation and other HR admin processes.
  • Historical and current job and salary data should be easily accessible and transparent for HR practitioners and managers.

Our Career History solution provides

Total flexibilitySeamless integrationAbility to combineEasy migration

  • Total flexibility – customer can decide which job, salary or even time data need to be migrated and synced to the Career history view

  • Seamless integration with SAP SuccessFactors employee profile

  • Ability to combine historical and current job, salary and other HR data in a single view

  • Easy migration from SAP HCM or other systems using standard migration tools or simple import files

  • Access to the data is managed via Role-based Permissions to meet data security requirements

How our Career History information solution will add value

Career History SuccessFactors

Transform your internal HR team’s focus from administrative duties to strategic priorities

Career History SuccessFactors

Supports better management decision-making through transparency

Career History SuccessFactors

Reduces administration time and effort required to consolidate reports from different sources

Career History SuccessFactors

Maximized data accuracy

Career History SuccessFactors

Minimized data redundancy

Career History SuccessFactors

Easy access to all historical data, all in one place

What kind of data is typically required for career management?

  • Position and Job Classification information and progression throughout the employee’s career within the organization
  • Weekly working hours and utilization level
  • Base salary and other variable compensation elements such as bonuses, incentives, etc.
  • Other organizational data such as:
    • Department / cost center
    • Employee group and subgroup
    • Personnel area and subarea (location)

Our solution includes the ability to show all previous and current career information on a single screen and also has standard search and filter functionality for easier reference of data.

We will support you with the design, technical implementation and migration of the data into your new EC environment.

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