Digital Workflows

If you already knew that SAP SuccessFactors can do more than „just HR“, then you will not be surprised by our Digital Workflows UX Extension. Send forms in fully digital form to relevant departments in your company and after the internal approval automatically generate a PDF version of the document from the form – all this without additional SAP SuccessFactors license costs and by using many standard platform functionalities.

Digital Workflows for Accident Reports – Sample Use Case

There is a large variety of use cases in which a digital workflow in SAP SuccessFactors could bring significant added value. For instance, accident reports can be automated using Digital Workflows in SAP SuccessFactors.

To report an accident, the employee opens a tile on the homepage and fills in a corresponding form (“Unfallanzeige”). With a click of a button he/she sends the form for approval to relevant roles in your company. Once the approval is given, a PDF document can be generated from the form and sent directly to the accident insurance association. As a result, the whole workflow occurs in SAP SuccessFactors in a fully digital form.

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