Display content from 3rd party solutions or other modules of SAP SuccessFactors right at the place where the user needs it

Mashups is a best-practice solution for having all information available based on the use case and not on the structure of the standard system. With this method you can display the data from a third-party application using SSO.

Via a mashup the user can, depending on the use case, edit data in a third-party system directly from SAP SuccessFactors. What is more, with this approach no data is stored in SAP SuccessFactors.

SAP Standard Mashups in SAP SuccessFactors

Starting with the standard: in SAP SuccessFactors it is possible to show content from a connected SAP HCM/Payroll system. This functionality is useful for the HR Admin who maintains the HR-master data in Employee Central. Without switching the client and navigating to the relevant employee he/she can easily access the payroll info types, which are not maintained in replication.

Standard Integration Scenarios for SAP Successfactors and SAP HCM

A mashup can also be used to provide pay slips to the employee in the employee self-service scenario.

Technical Architecture

Standard Architecture Components

A possible view for the user

Standard Architecture Components

SAP Time Statement in SAP SuccessFactors

Can SAP time statements be displayed for an employee in SAP SuccessFactors? There is no standard functionality covering this use case but there is a way to accomplish this.

With our solution the time statement can be viewed using a link in the “Take Action” menu. Alternatively, the user can access the time statement through an extra link available in the People Profile and view it like the SAP pay slip. Besides, our extension makes it possible to quickly navigate through the history of the time statements, which reduces clicks and saves the valuable time of your employees.


A possible view for the end user