Accompany your recruiting with the
Online Aptitude Solution in SAP SuccessFactors

Advance your recruiting with online assessment in SAP SuccessFactors

fit4success accompanies in all phases of the aptitude diagnostics, from the creation of the job to the automated invitation of the applicant, to the presentation of the results just-on-time.  

Test results are directly available and ready for your decision-making.                     






Configure the tests quickly and easily: select the profile to be tested and complete the survey period. After adding the participants, start the job. All participants will now receive an invitation to the survey by e-mail and, if desired, additionally by letter.

Companies have the option of generating their own additional modules with individual questions for the aptitude test. For example, questions about the knowledge of the position for which the application was made can be included in the test to check the applicant’s preparation, among other things.

The solution is easy to use and administer

Gain insights into the statistics of your online aptitude tests