Advance your development discussions in SAP SuccessFactors

Advance your development dialogues with self-assessment and feedback surveys

Combine self-assessment capability with feedback from colleagues and managers to lay an optimal basis for your development dialogue. Define individually your feedback dimensions, collect quantitative and qualitative feedback and directly translate it into development measures during your discussion.

Compelling User Interface


End-to-end solution



Configure the feedback surveys quickly and easily: Select the feedback recipient, the feedback givers, the survey period and, if applicable, the feedback profile and start the survey. All participants will now receive an invitation to the survey.

Filling out the survey is intuitive and quick.

The answers to the open questions are clustered and clearly presented. Quantitative results are presented in a graph. Individual lines can be faded in and out so that the dialogue is well structured, and the employee can be actively involved. Both current feedback and previous feedback can be shown.

After the feedbacks have been discussed and perspectives and past situations have been exchanged, a common state of the quantitative dimensions can be recorded. This reinforces the dialogue and enables the documentation of a conversation outcome that can be retrieved in the next development dialogue.

Description of the function: During the dialogue, measures can be directly agreed upon and recorded. If desired, the measures can be assigned to specific feedback.

In case you cannot or do not want to rely fully on the digital documentation, you can download a PDF file with all the results.

In a separate backend, surveys can be extended in case employees need more time.