Job Reference Generator®

Create references for your employees
in SAP SuccessFactors

Easily create job references in SAP SuccessFactors

With the Job Reference Generator you can generate references for your employees in just four simple steps directly in SAP SuccessFactors.




End-to-end solution



Manage your employees or department and decide which role and rights the persons should have within the tool.

Manage your standard company and task descriptions, which will be used as a template while creating the job reference.

Create a complete job reference in four simple steps, by 1. inserting the employee basic data, 2. choosing a company and a task description, 3. choosing the fitting rating and wording, 4. have a last overview and save the job reference.

Get an overview and manage (download, change, delete, move them to archive) job references in progress. Similarly, get an overview and manage (download, delete or move it make to in progress) the job references in archive.

Get useful tips written by lawyers in general and during reference creation.